Puttery Website Refresh

We gladly took on the challenge of revamping the Puttery website and delivered exceptional results.


The existing Puttery website was not performing well and had very low conversion rates. Recognizing the need for change, Puttery approached us with two key objectives in mind: driving more reservations and improving user engagement, given the high bounce rate on the current site.

On top of that, the current website failed to provide a clear picture of the Puttery experience, leaving users confused and unsure about what to expect.

Our team set out to address these issues and create a website that not only drives reservations but also accurately reflects the unique Puttery experience.


We approached the project by completely rethinking the user funnel and redesigning the site architecture from the ground up.

Our goal was to optimize the user journey and create a seamless experience, with the goal of booking reservations. We created a new top level nav with a geolocating function to better assist users in finding their location.

We recognized the need to better showcase the Puttery experience. We conducted a new production shoot with video and photo content to better highlight the full experience.

Through the website, users can now access more information and view more content that accurately reflects the vibe and atmosphere of Puttery.


The new Puttery website is a game-changer! Since launching, bounce rates have plummeted and page views and conversions are through the roof. Users are staying engaged and finding it easy to make reservations.

The website had a 94% increase in Website sessions Yoy. It had a 755% increase in Reservations which was our main goal. And we had 406k New Website Users.

Puttery also ranked in the top 5 spot on google for both "mini golf and putt putt near me". Overall, it's been a massive success!

And to top it all off, we're proud to share that the new Puttery website was honored with a 2023 Addy Award for excellence in website design!
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