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EPiQ Animal Health Website

EPiQ Animal Health is a master distributor of animal health care products.


EPiQ partners with manufacturers and distributors to distribute industry leading products to veterinarians and pet owners. So the question becomes; how do you talk to 4 different audiences at the same time? A Manufacturer, a Distributor, a Veterinarian, and a Pet Owner?

There needs to be information for each group. How do you funnel a user to get them the information they need?

They also wanted the website to have a blog function so they could constantly post new articles. As well as be able to update the site themselves after the build is complete.


We decided to start the funnel with the 4 different audience members. Right on the homepage you are given 4 options to select which group you fall into. Upon there it takes you to a certain page with much more information and lead off points based off the group they selected.

For example, If you are a manufacturer, you click "I am a manufacturer" and it will take you to a page full of information specific to you.

My roll on the project was to walk the client through wireframes, discover how the user will flow through the site and strategize on what kind of information should be on the page. From there, design the website out with brand colors and imagery. Then worked closely with the developer on how things would animate and move upon scrolling.

The website was a custom Wordpress build to ensure the client could update it with new information and create new articles and resources as needed.


The end result is a beautiful website the client can be proud of, as well as a useful tool to post new information. This website won a Gold NAVC Vetty Award for best B2B/trade website.
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