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The American Conservative is a news article site that publishes articles focused on the Conservative agenda.


We were tasked with redesigning an old outdated website, to bring it up to speed with most modern day news websites.

Redesigning a site this big was a huge puzzle to solve. We didn't want to lose any SEO value that had already been built up over the time the site has been live. With thousands of articles already on the site, the brand was already well developed and wide spread among the conservative community. The redesign had to be seemless.


Since it was a news publishing website. We were able to come up with specific pages that we could create templates for that would be used across the site.

Pages like the news articles, bios, and videos were templated to lessen the page count on the redesign. None of the article links would change on the redesign to keep the current SEO value, and all of the current comments on each article would all still remain intact.

We knew the brand had a huge following behind it with hundreds of people commenting on articles per day. We wanted it to feel as big as it really was. A lot of the front end design was cleaned up and organized in ways that would allow the user to navigate the site much easier.

My roll was to create wireframes for the new flow of the site, as well as design the new user interface for the site. Once designs were final and approved, they were transitioned to a third party developer who made the site come to life.
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